Today’s JAR: What God Wants You to Know

Today’s JAR. just a reminder.

Do not fall for the random comment “Today, God wants you to know…”  Is the writer a prophet? An angel?  A “messenger from God?”  These types of introductions always leave me cause to be suspicious.

It’s better to say, “we have experienced that…” or “we have been taught that…” and then let the reader/listener discern.

We are all called to engage in a personal, vulnerable, intimate relationship with God. The Orthodox Church offers us examples of healthy and trusted tools to make this possible; tried and true expressions to grow the relationship.

Look at the Liturgy… the priest is often telling us what to do: bow your head, give thanks, lift your heart. He tells us what to pray for: good weather, a Christian end to our lives, for the bishops and clergy.” And he even instructs us how to pray and approach communion: in peace, in fear, in faith and love…

In my experience, I have heard a priest speak on God’s behalf in the context of confession when he says “you are forgiven.” But at the moment I can’t think of an other time.

I’ve heard clergy explain what God is teaching, doing and saying and what we should do to be better listeners… but rarely are we instructed on what God is thinking.

Imagine the level of intimacy we must have with someone before we know what they are thinking. And still we never really know.

So if you are reading something that starts off with “Today, God wants you to know…”. Ask yourself how such a random comment can be true and look up to God and simply pray, “Lord, what do you want me to understand today?” And then listen for His reply.

In my experience, He always has something to say. We just have to sit quiet enough to let Him speak for Himself.

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