Our Charity of the Month; Zoe for Life

One thing I love about our business is that it offers us an opportunity to give back.   That’s why we’ve decided to give 10% of our sales each month to a different Orthodox Charity.  This month we are featuring ZOE for Life

I recently spoke with Paula Kappos, President of ZOE for Life!, and Kathy Kovalak, Executive Director of ZOE House, about this wonderful ministry for women.

ZOE for Life! is a pan-Orthodox outreach of Orthodox Christians.  Located in the Greater Cleveland area, ZOE also reaches out on a national scale to women experiencing crisis pregnancies.  This non-profit Christ-centered support organization has three major goals:

  1. to help women who need confidential emotional and spiritual support during crisis pregnancies;
  2. to assist Orthodox Christians seeking to adopt;
  3. to provide an education for Pure Living and other resources.

The Orthodox community struggles to reach women who are in crisis in a timely manner.   Most of the time young girls don’t approach the church (priest, nun) until after the fact, when they are seeking confession or spiritual healing.  Kappos said, “We want to make sure we are there before it’s too late.  More so, we want to educate and build up young girls before they are ever in a crisis.”

Kappos was passionate to clarify that they strive to offer a wide variety of resources and support for women in a crisis pregnancy:

Emotional support
We are here to listen. You have come to this point in your life due to experiences that are unique to you. Let us connect you with the person who can help you solve the problems you are facing.

Referrals for professional counseling
Connections to someone who has training in dealing with real life issues.

Orthodox Christian adoption options
If you are considering creating an adoption plan for the child you are carrying, we have qualified families who would welcome the chance to speak and/or meet with you.

Depending on your situation, we can help you find a safe and healthy place where you can complete your pregnancy, and give you time to make important decisions about your future and that of your child.

Maternity and layette items are available for you and your baby up to 2 toddler.

Medical assistance
We can help you get assistance with health issues unrelated to your pregnancy.

Prenatal care
ZOE can help you get prenatal care through your post-partum visit, and, should you decide to parent your child, medical care for the child until age 18.

Spiritual support
You and the life you carry are both precious in the sight of God. Let us help you know His love more deeply.

Kappos kept reminding me that ZOE helps women and families when they are most vulnerable.  They offer other options to abortions and are a support long the way.  They want to promote “Healthy living, healthy choices.”

When I asked what they need for ZOE House, “We need car seats.” said Kovalak. “We help over 50 moms a month, (600 a year.)  By law, each of them needs a brand new car seat to take their new born home and many can’t afford one.  Many of the other items (clothes, cribs, strollers…) can be gently used, but with today’s ever changing regulations, we cannot distribute a used car seat.”

Click here for more information on Zoe for Life!.

HOTLINE number 877/436-LIFE (5433)

ZOE for Life is endorsed by the Standing Conference of the Canonical Orthodox Bishops in the Americas.

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