About V

Presvytera Vassi M Haros is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati’s Design School and has earned her Masters from Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Theological Seminary.  She worked professionally in youth ministry in the metropolises of Detroit and Pittsburgh until she married, and she currently lives in Tarpon Springs, Florida.

She is married to Fr Athanasios and they have one son.

Through blogging, Presvytera Vassi offers information and advice on the faith your grandmother might have offered: go to church, remember the holidays and fast when necessary.  She loves the rich and fulfilling traditions of the Orthodox church and sees them as tools not rituals or obligations.   “We have a great wealth of practices and resources in the Orthodox Traditions, and most people are missing the big picture.  I try to help people tap into those resources, so they can grow in their faith and deepen their relationship with God.”

You can follow her blog at vscardbox.com.